Surviving Hurricane Irene: Postgame Report

Well, it has been a wild ride.  I’m now on the backside of the hurricane and about to head back home.  What follows is a brief summary of the highs and lows of this terrifying experience:

High Point:  Living to see today.

Low Point:  Bluffing my sister-in-law and having her fold the first hand she ever played in a poker game for play money.

High Point:  Milking my brother-in-law for a shit load of his chips when I had a slightly worse hand than he did that turned massively better than his after 90% of the money went in.

Low Point:  The oblique strain I suffered at the bowling alley, but not actually in the act of bowling.

High Point:  Keeping all of my devices completely charged throughout the entirety of the storm.

Low Point:  Getting yelled at for working on this blog post when we’re apparently all sitting down to dinner.

High Point:  It smells awesome.  Gotta go.

Hurricane Survival Tips

  1. Load your cooler with ice so that you can move perishables (i.e., beer) to the cooler when the refrigerator power goes out.
  2. Turn down the brightness on your phone so you can play Angry Birds when 3G/Wifi goes out.
  3. Set the candles and poker chips up before the power goes out, so gambling can begin without delay.
  4. Watch a marathon of Louie.  That’s not totally related to the hurricane, but if you’re not watching the show, I basically hate you.
  5. Get your rain gear on, head outside, and pretend to be a Weather Channel correspondent while someone video tapes you.  At the very least, you will be a youtube celebrity if you die.