Videos I Made

Some of the videos I’ve made – Hopefully this page will continue to grow:

My birthday present to Anne:

A hand drawn video for a beautiful couple celebrating Christmas together:

A commercial (kind of) for my favorite yoga instructor and her Rob-Friendly class:

My project for a web class I took on creativity – the assignment was to create a sport or game using two household items:

9 thoughts on “Videos I Made

    • Thanks, Dave! I drew the pictures using the Penultimate App on my iPad. I mirror that to my laptop using a program called Airserver. Then I capture a screen recording as I’m drawing in QuickTime. That creates a video file that I edit in iMovie, where I pop in the still pictures.

  1. Ohhh your birthday present to Anne brought a little tear to my eye! (That never happens. Ever.) You guys are adorable and I love the video. Love the rest of your blog too! 🙂

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