Surviving Hurricane Irene: Postgame Report

Well, it has been a wild ride.  I’m now on the backside of the hurricane and about to head back home.  What follows is a brief summary of the highs and lows of this terrifying experience:

High Point:  Living to see today.

Low Point:  Bluffing my sister-in-law and having her fold the first hand she ever played in a poker game for play money.

High Point:  Milking my brother-in-law for a shit load of his chips when I had a slightly worse hand than he did that turned massively better than his after 90% of the money went in.

Low Point:  The oblique strain I suffered at the bowling alley, but not actually in the act of bowling.

High Point:  Keeping all of my devices completely charged throughout the entirety of the storm.

Low Point:  Getting yelled at for working on this blog post when we’re apparently all sitting down to dinner.

High Point:  It smells awesome.  Gotta go.

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