How to change a diaper


My friends Dave and Kerry just had an amazing baby boy. Welcome to the world, Gavin!

Because I’m basically a parenting expert at this point, I created a short video to demonstrate proper diaper changing technique. If you need a brief refresher, then you might enjoy this video.

Happy birthday to my amazing wife


Today is Anne’s birthday. All she wanted was an ipad, so I didn’t make her a new video. But this one never gets old for me. Here’s a video reminder of how lucky I am.

Merry Christmas John & Monica


The video I made for Anne led to my first commissioned project. A friend asked me to make this video as a Christmas present for his wife, who has a blog. So I made this.

Disclaimer: I don’t get any of their inside jokes and I was forced to make about them. So I can’t answer the questions you will inevitably have about this video.