The Devastation of Hurricane Irene

We are back from bowling.  Other than Anne’s epic performance, the event was a great diversion from the devastation of Hurricane Irene.  Also, I suffered the most painful injury of my lifetime.  After the thirtieth straight roll where my ball found the heart of the pocket and did not result in a strike, I fell to the ground in mock agony.  As I flopped around the floor to express my frustration with bowling, I either broke every one of my ribs or severely pulled a muscle.   I now feel like my abdomen has winds gusting upwards of 110 miles an hour and I am in class 4 pain.  

Thankfully, we are now back at the safe house and Anne’s parents spent the afternoon preparing typical hurricane snacks:

  • pigs in a blanket
  • meatball sliders
  • an apple pie
  • a vegetable quiche
  • cheese and crackers

If this searing pain in my side does not go away, at least I’ll be in a food coma for the rest of the night.

Also, I bowled four games:  127; 144; 152; 72 (post injury.)

Questions about the Hurricane:

What percentage of people in New York City have absolutely no idea that this is about to happen?  

If I go bowling now, how many frames can we roll before getting home gets dicey?

Should the slip and slide go in the front or back yard?

For the areas that have already been hit and lost power, is 3G still in tact?

Shouldn’t one TV station buck the trend and run an awesome marathon of some show?  No one’s going to win the day with the same generic hurricane coverage, but I bet Fox would kill if they aired a commercial-free Arrested Development marathon until the power went out.

Why doesn’t anyone else in this house seem to understand the urgency of bowling?  

Bad Signs

Some bad early signs about hurricane Irene:

I’m already really bored.

We may be out of cookies (my fault).

People seem to be catching on that I have monopolized all the power outlets to ensure maximum charges of my devices when the power goes down.  

I said I’d be live blogging the storm, but already used my best material.