Yoga Flow-chart: Is Yoga for you?


Yoga Flow-chart:  Is Yoga for you?

Things I Can’t Complain About

You came for the complaints, but hopefully you’ll stay for the other stuff too.  Here are some things I’m not complaining at all about right now:

Podcast alert:

The NY Post-Cast.  My cousin Mark just happens to be a big shot NY Post sports reporter.  He and Mike Vaccaro started a sports-themed podcast a couple of weeks ago.  If you’re into sports or entertainment generally, check it out.  That’s an interview with Jeff Van Gundy.  Here’s one with filmmaker Ed Burns.  Mark said if enough people read my blog, I can be a guest.  Fine, he didn’t say that.  But hint hint.


Look before you speak

Saying “Look” before I say something I want you to really notice.   Look, the president does it, we all know that.  But can saying “look” work for you?  Look, if it works for fantasy sports reporters (can you believe that’s a thing?) then maybe we should all take a look inside and see if we can do this too.

Signing emails.
My quest for a great email sign off continues.  Here are the options I’ve dismissed:
“Thanks” – As in a preemptive thanks for ignoring my email, asshole.
“Cheers” – The fastest way to let others know that you studied abroad in London for a semester in college, a semester which turned you into a douche.
“Best” – worst.
“Sincerely” – What am I, a letter from 1822?
“Regards” – Gaining in popularity, but lacking in meaning or depth or sensicalness.
“Love” – rarely appropriate for business setting.
“Best regards” – see, “best.”  See also, “regards.”
“With warm regards” – Look, never email me again, ok?
Hit me up” – Not gonna lie, I still sort of like this one.
“Yours” – Too sultry.  Only works for Jason Mraz.
“Suck it” – Works well in moderation.

The New Rules for Blondes – A book.
My friend Selena wrote a book.  She’s sometimes funny.  Like in this preview:  (Books apparently have previews now.  It’s a thing.)

You can read more about it on her website or follow her on twitter where she favorites some of my tweets but never retweets them.

Diagrams and Charts
It seems I’m not the only one who can find a way to use a chart to hilarious results.  Here are two that I’ve liked recently:
(funny if you find balls and farts funny.  Not funny if you don’t, but you should still see how she fits you into her venn diagram)
(just a funny site in general, for more of her drawing and chart stuff, she has a tumblr)

Summaries and Concluding Remarks

Finally and in conclusion, I have recently decided to be more formal with my summarizing of blog posts.  As I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is other stuff you should be reading on the Internet.  I hope that you will return to my site after you venture away from it and that you don’t hate everything I’ve shared.  I apologize in advance for anything you hate.

Suck it,

To Make Matters Worse… (Nemo update)

I just learned that there is an asteroid hurtling towards earth.  Wolf Blitzer has been freaking out about it.  He said that the asteroid would hit the earth with the power of 50,000 tons of dynamite.  Not enough to ruin all of earth, but that’s a ton of dynamite.  Well, literally 50,000 tons.  But if you’re not being literal about it, then it’s a ton.  As in a lot of it.  

Do you think the snow would cushion the blow from the asteroid?  

Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  Because when CNN says that an asteroid is hurtling towards earth, they really mean that it’s going to miss the earth by 17,000 miles.  Or, in visual terms:



Anyhow, I braved the conditions and went for a short walk.  It’s terrifying out there:



Stay safe everyone!