To Make Matters Worse… (Nemo update)

I just learned that there is an asteroid hurtling towards earth.  Wolf Blitzer has been freaking out about it.  He said that the asteroid would hit the earth with the power of 50,000 tons of dynamite.  Not enough to ruin all of earth, but that’s a ton of dynamite.  Well, literally 50,000 tons.  But if you’re not being literal about it, then it’s a ton.  As in a lot of it.  

Do you think the snow would cushion the blow from the asteroid?  

Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  Because when CNN says that an asteroid is hurtling towards earth, they really mean that it’s going to miss the earth by 17,000 miles.  Or, in visual terms:



Anyhow, I braved the conditions and went for a short walk.  It’s terrifying out there:



Stay safe everyone!