Nemo Running Diary – Part 1

It’s just after 11 am in New York, and we are in the heart of Nemo.  I can barely see out the window (but only because it’s filthy).

A sneak preview of how I plan to pitch in:

– Frequent blog updates reporting on the reports on the Weather Channel and CNN about the weather.

– Live pictures / videos / Stick FIgures from inside my apartment.

– Live tweeting / Retweeting the worst Finding Nemo jokes the internet can create

– Not changing my clothes for the next 48-127 hours (Sorry Anne.  It’s a blizzard!)

– Making a snowman out of ice cream.  Speaking of which, you can’t spell Snowmen without NEMO.  Coincidence?  No.

– Looking at funny pictures on Reddit.

– Having food delivered every 3-4 hours and vastly overtipping the delivery guy.

– Continuing to update my homemade Nemo Forecast Guide: