Some things that are currently really bothering me about Entourage

  • “You want to ride with?”
  • “Baby Bro”
  • E
  • That Turtle lost 225 lbs and no one mentions it.  In a group of guys where all they do is bust chops 100% of the time, the fat kid becomes the skinny kid and it’s not a source of jokes.  They even made jokes about how he had to wear his clothes from 2005 after the house burned down.  Wouldn’t he at least need to belt that shit?  The kid lost the equivalent of four and a half Es. 
  • Vince
  • That it’s supposed to be a big surprise when we finally find out Mrs. Ari’s name. 
  • That the parts of the show with Billy Walsh are enjoyable.
  • That I still watch it.

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