Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes when I have nothing to write, people suggest that I should write a stream of Consciousness post, well that’s what I am doing.  And I will not delete anything I write for the next thirty seconds. I would have deleted that.  I wonder if changing punctuation or going back and editing spelling mistakes counts as changing what I write.  I just determined that it did not while I was writing that last sentence, which means that I went back and changed the spelling when I was typing.  Does that still count as stream of consciousness?  Because technically I thought of other things when I was correcting my mistakes.  For example, I went back and changed steam to stream after I fucked if up the first time.  So while I was changing that I started thinking about whether I was ruining the whole post by typing and editing.  now I just looked at the clock and it’s been way longer than thirty seconds, but I was really locked in.  So locked in that I didn’t even make any spelling errors when I wrote that.

I just hit enter which really took me out of stream of consciousness mode.  I was thinking about criticisms of my tumblr while hitting enter.  Specifically that I write about first world problems.  I think that first world problems is a stupid thing to say.  I live in the first world.  What’s up now, MF’ers?  Exactly.  Whoa – I just thought of something that was really fucked up.  I didn’t write it down because there is a limit to what people who read my blog can know about me.  I am so creeped out right now.  Why did I think that?  I can’t ever do this again. 

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