Hit me up

There are about 100 random things that I want to post about.  Things that are brewing in my head right now.  This will be a teaser as I work out the details:

1.  Crunchers – I want to open a sandwich shop that solves two problems.  1) There is a lack of great sandwich shops in New York.  The key is good bread.  2)  Chips should come standard on every sandwich.  Crunchers will solve these two atrocious problems.  I don’t want to give away the secret of how I propose to do this.  But if Samuel L. Jackson was in a movie about it, it would be called Chips on a Sandwich.   Think about it.  (I think the domain name is mine for the taking!)

2.  The Hunger (Drinking) Games:  I read 1.5 of the Hunger Games trilogy.  Spoiler Alert – It’s not based on a true story.  Another project I am working on is the Hunger Games Theme Party.  A competition based drinking event where there is only one survivor.  For liability purposes, I don’t think guests should have to drink themselves to death, but maybe they can somehow figuratively be eliminated from the earth during the party.  Open to suggestions.

3.  Community is a good show.  

4.  I hate every signoff when I am writing a sort of formal email.  Thanks/Sincerely/Best/Best Regards/Thinking of you Fondly/Yours Truly/ Love/xoxo/etc. None of them satisfy me, and I feel like a tool using them.  From now forward, I am going with “hit me up.”

5.  The North Carolina Project continues to gain traction.  However, when I was writing the post, I forgot that I do know a lot of people in North Carolina.  When they read about the Project, they responded with anger that I did not remember that I lived there.  So I take back thinking that everyone in NC is nice.  They are actually really mean and selfish and unwelcoming.  If someone said they were moving to near me and posted on a blog about it and forgot I lived there, I would send them gifts or money or a funny email.  I’m offended they would not do the same.  

6.  Just thinking out loud here, but I think it’s going to be a hot summer.  

7.  By 100 things, I actually meant 3 and then tried to stretch it to 100, but only got to 6.  Plus this one.  

8.  Plus this one.  Suck it.

That’s all for now.  Will be back to work keeping everyone entertained soon.  

Hit me up,