Help me be less Annoying

As I was waiting in line at the store today, I realized that I am incapable of standing in a line and not looking annoyed.  Is there any way to stand without looking incredibly annoyed?  No matter what I did, it came out like this:

I tried so many different ways of trying to look like there was no place I would rather be than in that line.  Here’s what I tried.

– Arms folded across my chest.

– One hand in pocket, one casually resting on the register table.

– Inching closer to the person in front of me and coughing quietly.

– Shifting my weight back and forth from one foot to the other while sighing loudly.

– Muttering, “I mean, seriously?  How long have we been here?  Hellooooo?”

None of these casual stances gave off the vibe I desired.  Maybe I just have one of those faces that always looks annoyed.  Please let me know if you have any solutions for ways to stand casually without looking annoyed.  I struggle with this generally, but it’s especially hard whenever I am waiting in a line because it sure seems like people intentionally take fucking forever just to piss me off.   Am I right?  Who’s with me?

See below for some pictures of my face so you can judge for yourselves.  

This is my happy face (I probably had just eaten a shitload of ice cream)

Here’s me politely asking Anne to give me back my ipad immediately.


Here’s me explicitly trying to smile instead of doing an annoyed face.