Nemo Update and pie chart

Feel free to go out to dinner everyone.  I’ve got your back.  Here’s a summary of the CNN coverage for the last 7 hours:


Here’s an updated photo of the state of things outside my apartment.  You can compare it to the image I posted earlier.  It’s getting really bleak out there.


Current highlights of my day:

1) A CNN reporter has the last name is Snow.  Come on!

2) They interviewed a couple outside about how they were doing the right thing by staying inside.  That doesn’t even make any sense.

3) Official “Hunker down” count:  41

4) Thinking about ordering Chinese food.  Right?

What are your highlights?  (please comment)



5 thoughts on “Nemo Update and pie chart

  1. I am following this from LA where it is freezing (by LA standards) . You are hysterical and I am forwarding to my pals and family in various parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are, collectively, highly amused!

  2. I am very glad to have stumbled upon your blog. It’s great to laugh out loud. I love your drawings.
    Day highlights:
    1. BootCamp torture at a parking garage
    2. At a lacrosse tournament with my family
    3. Highlight @the hotel our room has a gigantic bathtub in the room, which I am watching my kids load the tub with bubbles and use it as a mini pool. While reading your updates on the storm.

    Did you order Chinese food or are they “hunkering down” too?

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