A Birthday Video for Anne

There are many reasons why being married to me is very difficult.  Probably the least of which is that I have a blog and take advantage of that to poke fun at my lovely and amazing wife, Anne.  As my reader base has grown from zero to slightly more than zero, I’ve come to realize that some people may only know the Anne presented on this blog – That is, the sour milk swilling butt of all my jokes.

While it’s true that Anne is the source of a lot of entertainment in my life (which I do exploit in my constant attempts to become internet famous), all of the jokes and digs come from a place of love.  I always hope that the takeaway from my relentless and hilarious jabs at Anne is that I think she’s the greatest person in the entire world.

So as Anne celebrates her birthday this week, I decided to honor her in the only way I know how:  By making a poorly sketched web video wishing her a happy birthday and explaining once and for all how great she is.

It may be the best thing I’ve ever done, so I hope you enjoy it and make Anne a viral sensation on her birthday (which is actually the 25th, but I can’t wait until then).  That would really buy me a lot of credibility the next time I call her out for drinking a chunky glass of milk.

Happy birthday Anne!

5 thoughts on “A Birthday Video for Anne

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