Why I Run

Happy National Running Day!  Since I’m a rule follower, here’s my contribution to National Running Day’s “I run…” campaign.

I run…

Because it lets me eat like this.

Because all you need is a pair of sneakers (and a GPS watch, and an ipod shuffle, and Body Glide, and a sweatband, and a wicking shirt, and a wicking hat)

Because evolution demands it.

Because I seem like the calm one when standing with a group of anxious runners before the start of a race.

Because I no longer feel safe on yoga retreats.

Because from 2004-2009 I had one pair of pants that I wore every day.  (and in 2008, I didn’t really even button them all the way)

Because I really really really really really love ice cream.  

Because of the race photos:

Because I’ve got great friends to run with, and they have no choice but to listen to everything I say the entire time.  

Because I can obsess over my race times being posted on the internet. 

Because if you google “Rob Pollak Running,” this comes up in the image search: 

But also this (Another Pollak who’s running … for office!  Get it?  Zing.  LOL!)

Because it gives me something to blog about.

Have a great national running day everybody!  Vote Pollak!

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