Hurricane Irene Preparations

Walking through Whole Foods last night, I was surprised by the precautions people had taken. The store was out of bread, nuts, dried fruit, pasta, and water. Except for the strawberry sparkling water. That means that not one, but pretty much every person in New York, had walked down that aisle to stock up on water and made a value judgment. They would literally rather die than drink strawberry sparkling water. That water must taste awful because, although I have not tasted death before, I have always assumed it to be worse than strawberries. Does someone from the whole foods corporate office have to walk through each store before a natural disaster and take inventory on the things that didn’t sell out? And fire the person responsible for including it in the inventory in the first place?

For the record, I was in whole foods buying ice cream and chocolate sauce. If I’m going down, I’m doing it in style.

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