Is it dangerous

To sit in my car during a hurricane so I can use the car charger?


Hurricane mistakes

I will go to my grave (potentially during this storm) questioning the decision someone in this house made to load up on egg salad and tuna salad right before power went out.

Worried about my in-laws

I’m starting to get worried that my in-laws either hate me or were the storm’s first casualties.  For the last six hours, I’ve been sitting in the living room, which is the only room in the house with HDTV (I know, right?!), and no one’s been in here for literally the entire time.  What the eff can they possibly be doing for that whole time?  They may not even know there’s a hurricane going on.  I’d go downstairs to check on them, but (a) I’m scared, and (b) as I said before, there’s no HD down there.  

I’m just gonna text them.