Help me Tumblr!!


I am a chronic procrastinator.  I signed up for a class on creativity and have a project due Tuesday.  But I’m hunkered down at my in-laws house so I can’t do the work.  

I’m pasting the assignment below.  If anyone out there lives in non-hurricane locales and wants to help a brotha out, then please contact me. 

It just takes 15 minutes!  I think I win the creativity prize if I can crowd source this.


1) Go to at least 6 different stores. They can be at the same shopping center or different locations. Spend at least 15 minutes in each store making OBSERVATIONS using the lab guide for reference. Take photos to capture your observations.

2) Create a presentation that captures your INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had you missed before? What were your biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight?

Use your photos to highlight your insights. Your presentation can be in the form of slides or a short video.

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