Debates I am Currently Having with my Wife

Anne and I are currently debating the following topics:

1. Should the toaster permanently sit on the counter or be stored in the cabinet until you need toast?

2. Is picking up and/or dropping off the dry cleaning something that only one gender can do?

3. When it comes to milk, does “sell by” equal “drink by?”

These topics remain unresolved, but stay tuned for my next posts on the following unrelated topics:

1) Toasters should be available at all times in the most convenient location possible (i.e., the counter)

2) Dry cleaning:  It’s not just a man’s job anymore. 

3) Anne is fearless about drinking milk, no matter how many days past the sell by date… or the texture of the milk.  (Alternate topic: I am unreasonably squeamish when it comes to milk).

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