Just In Case the World Does End

This whole 5/21 judgment day thing is probably nothing.  But just in case the world does end, I think it’s time to share everything that I’ve been holding back.  Without further ado: 

  • It’s 2011 and Survivor still ranks among my top 3 favorite TV shows.
  • I’ve never read 45% of the books on my bookshelf.
  • When my wife is out of town I drink directly from the Brita pitcher despite firmly established household rules banning the practice.   
  • I’m secretly holding out hope that I will be raptured. 
  • I don’t use the priority inbox on gmail.

WAIT!  Thankfully, I checked Wikipedia before getting to the really personal stuff.  It turns out that 5/21 is just the first step of the process.  The world won’t actually end until October.  Please disregard everything that I just said.  Especially the thing about the Brita.  I’m really fucked if that one gets out.  

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