22 questions about tumblr.

  1. Why is nothing happening yet?
  2. Can I say I have a blog now?  Or is this not a blog?  Did I just combine two questions into one?  This could get dicey towards the end.  Should I have listed my questions and then put the number of questions in the title?  It doesn’t really matter – you won’t be reading my blog by then.
  3. When do I tweet, when do I tumbl, and when to I share something in Google Reader?
  4. On that note, is this post called a tumbl? 
  5. Am I allowed to use the letter “e” at all?
  6. Bcaus its rally hard to not us th lttr ’ .’
  7. That wasn’t a question, but I thought I’d go for the easy laugh.
  8. Shit.  I really am not getting this question thing down the way I thought I would, am I?  (And we’re back).
  9. Is it premature to wonder why no one has offered me a book deal yet (or at least a web TV series)?
  10. If I loop this into my twitter and facebook feeds, won’t everyone start to hate me? 
  11. Do you already sorta hate me?  (just asking?)
  12. Do these questions even matter now that this is happening?:
  13. When I do things like that, do I need to post a source?  (it’s from http://thedailywh.at/)
  14. I’m just clarifying because I suspect some people mistakenly thought that I photoshopped that image myself.  Is that a reasonable assumption?  I mean, I did create this tumblr feed basically out of thin air today.  #CodingJobsNYC?
  15. Going back to question 12, what is the proper punctuation for a question mark colon combination? 
  16. Is there an order of operations for punctuation?  If not, I think we can all agree on the following easy to remember mnemonic device:  (People Everywhere Must Concur:  Question Mark Before Colon) (P, EM, C, QM, B, C) (Periods, Exclamation Marks, Commas, Question Marks, Brackets, Colons.) 
  17. I have no more questions.  This is a disaster.
  18. Is this thing on?
  19. Are you kind of pissed that I left out semicolons, dashes, slashes, apostrophes, and quotation marks?  I am too, but you try and come up with two different “QM” combination in your mnemonic device…  Shit.  Ellipses!?   
  20. Will this tumbl vr nd?
  21. No? 
  22. Yes.!

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